Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles

Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles
Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles
Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles
Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles
Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles
Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300K 5000K 6500K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini Car Headlight 60W 12000LM Auto Fog Light 12V in Car Headlight Bulbs LED from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Brand Name: Uttril

Car Brand: Universal

Color Temperature: 6500K

Wattage: 12000LM/Pair

Car Model: Universal

Voltage: 12V

Car Headlamp: H1 H4 H7 9005 9006 H8 H9 H11 LED

Canbus: No error message

Anti EMC: No radio interference


KZ LED Headlamp

Super Mini Size , fit 99% car , no installation problem

Canbus bulilt-in , it can solve most of canbus problem

Note : for some advanced cars , it can't fit , the car need connect extra canbus decoder , if you need this , please contact us .

LED Chip : ZES Chip

Lumen : 12000LM/Pair, 6000LM/ Bulb

Working Voltage : 12V




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Commetns dubepisucere.tk :
Okay, it works.

Came in for 2 weeks, it looks good. Thank you to the seller, i will add a review.

Honest seller, I totally recommend it. 5 stars

Perfect, Thanks!!!

Super mega fast delivery, 10 days to saransk, has not yet checked, i will check the review.


I'm really satisfied about that purchase. The H7 bulb was ordered to fit on my BMW 2 Active Tourer who works with canbus. They illuminate very strongly and clear. Very easy to install they don't give any error on the dashboard instrument. Smart product on a good price, I enjoy that very white lighting it fosters a nice night view. I recommand this seller.

Not long shipping

The h1 don’t fit correctly for Peugeot 307. Very bad output, a lot of dark spots.

The quality is so-so, the clamps are not fixed, scroll, so it is not possible to fix well. Although there are regular holes for the screw-lock. Therefore 2 stars

The best

Perfect, very fast delivery, skoda fabia facelift 2006,

Work well



Verry nice, works fine on Fiat .

The bulbs came quickly, packed well with appearance everything is fine, the quality is good. I will put on the car to write off as shine

Namontoval SOM it for Fabie1 (Dali SA normálne zatvoriť zadné indoor) Ako tlmené, svieti cool, výhodou them možnost nastavenia ohniskovej vzdialenosti AJ horizontálneho úhlu. Odporúčam.

Delivery was fast, 13 days to the stavropol territory. It seems to shine brightly, but in the lenses as a result, the border is blurred very much. Maybe the problem is in the lens itself

Lamps are good, the color temperature corresponds to the declared. In kamaz headlights do not fit a little.

Good quality of products.

Prado didn't stand up. Gave

Too bad 6500 k they are very blue! The 5000 k would have been perfect to be in agreement with the original xenon! Uttril Canbus H4 H7 LED 4300 K 5000 K 6500 K H1 H3 H8 H9 H11 9005 HB3 9006 HB4 Mini car headlight 60 W 12000LM Auto fog light 12 V 13 € 94 fdpin

Excellent product, packed qualitatively, received within 2,5 weeks. later install in the car, will be clearer quality in lighting

It looks nice but I didn't try to make additional comments after it appears good quality

Super !

The lamps liked, the coolers are noiseless in fact, shine like a halogen, but that is peculiar, maybe at the level of half-tone, the difference is, barely caught by the eye. only did not adjust properly yet, with more corrected light, but the tick is clear, the truth is there are spots of light, but it is necessary to twist, adjust. Far is normal, near adequate. The truth before that stood lamps for 6000 k, a year and a half, so not yet used to light 4300, these took purely to try the light.

Fast shipping, not yet tested

Gaila bet neturiu photo, nepadariau

pretty fast delivery to Indonesia. the item arrived in good condition, Good as described. little bit tricky when try to put into the headlamp. but its work very well and very bright than original H4

It came very quickly, two weeks before noginsk

The product arrived very fast and in excellent condition.

Neither works at 60w nor is it canbus. It makes a molten bulb error.

All good… Free long


Super fast shipping! Shine at 50% brighter than regular lamps. Fans are very quiet. Put on kia ceed jd. Thank you.

Lamps are not bad. I ordered 4300 k. Don't waste money. Not very different from a good halogen. There's something like a border.

Very good producr. I have measured power of 25W each bulb

Fast shipping


The seller is good!

It came in 8 days, the fire shines, the kia rio 3 restyling got up perfectly, the headlight covers closed normally, let's see how much is enough

Did not fit. For lenses is normal, for reflex reflectors garbage.

Delivery is fast. For the bulbs, be careful, it illuminates very strong, it's impressive! No error and everything fits in the optical blocks on a Scénic 3 bose. The product is very well finished and works perfectly. For the temperature, it heats up, but much less than conventional filament bulbs. The white 6500 is perfect, it's white, there is no yellow at all and it's the ideal color to ride.

Good quality. Came in two weeks. Packing is dense, inside is a good seal. The glow corresponds to the declared by the seller. Car fiat albea onboard computer shows the problem of bulbs, which means that the chip does not fully match.

Shine Super and no error for Volvo S40 II. Recommend :)

Fast shipping, box came with little bit collapsed but inside still good. Headlight has much brighter than normal halogen.

I receive the parcel in 10 days , work fine without error , and no raido problem , shine brightly , I am very satisfied , recommend to buy ! Thanks

top as leds

Everything matches. In the foglights instead of hb4 is not very-the fan quickly throws dirt... For me money to the wind...


Canbus works. Super bright. Recommended.

Lamps are excellent, made qualitatively. The light temperature corresponds to the declared.

Put in the reflector lights, the light is slightly brighter than halogen, the shadow border is normal, 4300 slightly whiter than the usual lamp, if you do not look and do not understand. Dps will not understand!!! Take

Good product, very fast arrival to chile, 20 days. I hope they last, most fail at 3 months.

OK retailer recommended

Very good

It came quickly! Build quality is satisfied

Received in 2 weeks. They work well

All OK

Zatial najlepsie ziarovky Ake som Kedy Mal, daju SA nastavit natacanim to ziarovka robila presne Taky obris Ako v popise and it v klasickej parabole, I their i v SKODA FELICIA :). Som Velmi relaxed

Let's see how they shine at night and how long they will last.

Lamps work, shine brighter than halogen

I ordered h1-the terminals did not fit at all, separately bought and soldered. Shine of course brighter than halogen, but more focused luminous flux away.

The goods came quickly, everything is packed well, corresponds to the description , looks very good quality

To rnd 20 days. With installation real problems. Lamps go with an external driver, and the lamp should be put inside the headlight, under the dust. Therefore, it is necessary to collective farm and output the driver to the outside, tearing (tearing) his wires.

Shine worthy!

All OK compatible with description


Put in the far, pts shine well. The only negative is the board with the driver. Had to pull out of the case (did not fit in the headlight)

a bit tight fit, but ok for Nissan Leaf

Shine perfectly


no interference radio, ok!

item as described.

Came to moscow in 14 days. Shine perfectly. There are no guides on the h1 lamp to accurately install the lamp. Due to this stroke of the lamp in the seat 3-4mm.

As the announcement, great like, want to buy for Fusca.

Got very quickly. Quality is not visually bad, everything is visible in the photo. After installation, i will write about the light.

The package came quickly for two weeks in kursk, the box is not crumpled, inside too everything is intact, the bulbs are bright but not brighter than normal halogen, it is only different color, let's see how long

In the description written one information and on the box another. The manufacturer is nowhere specified, there is no warranty card. From the experience of shopping how much these lottery lamps will last. Seemingly made neatly. Not yet installed. But if i bought in the store, i would not buy such.

If it's the real one it matches, with what offends you

Perfect for Audi A4 b8 fog lamps. Great output

Everything came quickly, works.

Express shipping. Thank you. Recommend for everyone. I got them in 10 days

Very good quality, perfect geometry, and real power 25,1W each bulb. Excellent final effect.

Not canbus...

Delivery to moscow two weeks. Track tracked. Really the lamps shine 1.5 times brighter than the old ones in 8000 lumens and 6000 k! In the right headlight on the move of the machine is new, and in the left 6000 k and 8000 lumens. Immediately the difference is noticeable. Light yellow as halogen. The photo is yellow, but the light is less yellow. Stg has not been able to check yet, but then i will write off. The far shines as awesome as the near one. The fan is very quiet, the radio works without interference. The kind of lamp is made perfectly. Let's see how much is enough and how it will be on the road. I'll write it off. In the meantime i recommend the seller and the goods

All well illuminate the seller send the product fast

Have placed in mt-07 Tracer 700. Great luminosity!

Products came to Turkey 92 days. Product quality. The light is bright. The color temperature is very nice. 5000 k Light yellow. But where the radio frequency is weak, the radio works harder. The radio in the underground garage makes a lot of noise. The light power is great, but it's bad for the radio ...

All kind, i recommend!

I know the product, the shipment was fast according to the logistics that is normal international, small but powerful, just need to check how it lights up at night! Because the box says other features very different from the publication!

The lamp shines well.

Arrived slightly wrinkled very likely due to shipping, but working perfectly, like The Power led! Recommend, good quality and fast!

First day of use, all is nice, the beam is bright, and the light patterns are perfect.


The bulbs are just fire. Put in the headlights vaz 2115 without any problems in 5 minutes with snacks. Took 5000 k and was not mistaken, almost no different from the gallogen, but shine much brighter than expensive gallogens. The cut-off border is as clear as the gallogen. Before kursk the lamps came in 9 days. How long will the time show, but at the moment i'm happy. I recommend lamps.

Take a second time. Kachevo at altitude.


Compliant and very fast delivery. Perfect.

Very high quality goods. The parcel arrived in a couple of weeks. The light-shadow border is like halogen and shine brighter. Took 4300 k, the color is very close to halogen lamps. No inspector will catch)))

H1 support does not have the 2 pivotites to be held on its headlamp support. The light bulb dances and loses position.

Come quickly. On sandero barely shoved the power supply under the cover of the headlight, but stood up. Stg is good, there are almost no lights. Light is slightly whiter than usual halogen. The order is satisfied. I'm afraid to overheat, again because of the small place in the headlight.

Delivery is fast, track is tracked, everything works!!! Looks good and good! I will order more! Seller recommend!!!

Good diodes, dispersion is good!

Maniau švies stipriau.

Object requested with 5000k of color, instead arrived with the same light gradation of 4300k. Asked information, answer: "almost equal difference is almost nothing" .. The photos of the advertisement show more, that there is difference in color or brightness. Useless purchase ...

Small color difference between H1 and H7.

Come quickly, shine perfectly.

The item arrived (11days) as described. Great seller! I am glad to do business with you! Thanks!


All right, come quickly. In the case did not try. They look quite high quality.

no good

Shipping to Poland only 9 days! Very cool bulb, I am happy.

Good led

Super and very fast

Flew to peter for 8 days!!! Put, the flight is normal, let's see how much is enough)

Perfect .! 10 dagen in Holland

Lamps h7 4300 kelvin 12000 lum just space were before, h7 5000 k 8000lum is just sky and earth, shine 10 times better and brighter, even wet asphalt is visible, i ride happy as sausage all super, the lamps came for two weeks in vologda

very fast delivery. very very good seller. want to oder more next time.

Looks good. Working. Tonight i check how bright is

The bulbs arrived in 10 days from the moment of order. Small leds, in the lenses focus perfectly. The illumination of the upper hemisphere is almost not. The seller deserved five points, i recommend.


I did not put it yet, then i will add a review with photos.

50 days arrived seller is not polite uninterested

come very fast! didn't try it yet .

Everything came in a very good time (2 weeks) to ulyanovsk. thanks to the seller. Lamps are excellent, shine very bright and high quality. Put on hyundai, got up perfectly.

A good product, the light corresponds to the declared at 4300 k, the car works without glitches. During work, a small block with a snag is strongly heated. I hope he will not become a problem in the future. The stg lens is clear.

quickly arrival. good package . I will post fotos when I plug it in and see how it works

I arrive everything in excellent condition. But in the photo comes k does not interfere with the radio and which is a lie by k interferes in the stations

the product does not look bad, but the canbus is permanatly connected to the lamp instead of being stand alone. and also it does not work. still have an error message

Positively completed transaction. Recommend seller with a clear conscience. Delivery in under three weeks to Poland. Narazie I am phase testing, but already seen that is well. See how with long lifespan. Left halogen right led.

All right. all right.

Perfect cut. Right light 6000k in one of the photos. Then 4300k in short lights and long lights. Super fast shipping

All OK today are arrived now I should check the yield a little damaged packaging regards Sergio

Lamps quality, aluminum base, i recommend.

Work, came and excellent condition

Lamp is very good, only and exclusively from radio interference. Out this is good

Come quickly, shine well. In the pictures in the headlight one bulb.

In appearance when came seemed of high quality, the most important thing from them is not a radio fonit! In fact, deshman china did not withstand temperatures, one of the lamps burned down for a week of use, in moscow there was a temperature of 30-33 degrees, the lamp h11 in nissan x-trail t31 in the lens, effect on the face in the photo. Seller if there is a guarantee waiting for a new lamp!!!! Otherwise i do not recommend taking from you!!!

liar..after on this light..my radio make noisy sound like low radio signal..waste my money

I have use multiple led lamps before, but this os by gar the best. From a light production perspective identical to competition, but very small and therefore eqsy to install. Another benefit is that they do not produce any RF noise on the car radio. Also, the price is very competitive. A perfect 10.

Fast shipping. Qualitatively manufactured. Golf 4 became good. There's a line on the wall. You can take it.

got IT super fast in 5 days Happy with IT

Perfect, very good product

Came to the arch region quickly for 2 weeks, i will install it ..

No worries about a C4 cut 2007. It illuminates strong and very white.

The parcel is delivered on time. Packed perfectly. The build quality is decent. Stg is present. Put on solaris 2015. Compared to halogen is a very huge difference! I will make it dark and post a photo.

Come quickly. Light super, shadow gr. There is. there is no interference on the radio. i recommend the seller.

I ordered for renault duster 2018 for the neighbor. 12000 lumens of course not there, but bright enough. The light-shadow border is present, but slightly blurred. Shine pure white.

Focus on 3 +, clear and color. Shkoda shcho nema fiksatora on the axis. Vrukhoyuchie and yakishti can brothers.

Good product, but the H1 is more blue than H7. Very good focus and quite light.

Came quickly, don't have radio problem and canbus problem , shine well , I am satisfied

I hope to resist heating in KSA,working for 2 min be hot

Good product,very fast shipping

Good, bright, make a beam light powerful, the I mounted as dazzling. we hope in life

Packing box is crumpled. This feeling is already used. Lamps have scratches. On the car did not experience. How to install the add-on. It came very quickly.

The lamps are super, changed one by one, the contours of the light coincide with the usual car lamp both on the near and far. I ordered a cheaper option for comparison, the difference is big. You will not walk with cheap ones, and you will definitely dazzle the meeting. The only question with the cooler, how will it behave in the winter in the cold? These lamps are near shining separately, far separately. At cheaper options, the far shines along with the neighbor.

Spvidka delivery. Lampi do not respond to the declared parameters on tutuzhності (in fact, 21 watts of leather) and according to yaskravosti (vizually). Arbitrage turning 80% vartosti.

Inset speaks of 12000 lumen 6000 × 2 on the package ce wrote 8000 lumen 4000 × 2 is not true

Thank you!

Lamps are excellent i recommend.

Shine better than halogen, like

Fast shipping, high quality product

Super Fast received good quality and brightness then COB Led thanks seller

Very fast delivery Auta of quality

just recieve it.....

The goods received 14 days before the kirov region, installed, everything works, the light is white 5000 k, the stg is clear, the minus is that strong interference on the radio, although the description says the opposite ..

Reasonably fast shipped, not yet installed.

They are shining a little better than OSRAM Silverlight. The color is ok. No radio interference. I'm happy.

Good product,fast shipping.

12 days to Norway. Very fast shipping!

Very fast delivery. Not yet installed.

disturbs the Ford radio

Fast Shipping, Good quality

Halogen is a little more light.

Come quickly, the lamps are whole, shine brightly. Seller advise)

And so we have. the carobka is packed like not bad, but slightly corners crumpled, but this is nonsense. as for the lamps themselves, it seems to be whole. but i did not like that the cap is not fixed, but just scrolling, for this minus. drivers like not badly made. i will add a review to the car.


Lamps are good, meet the declared characteristics

Duster restyling. Took on the middle h7 4300 k. The border is very clear, that is, the meeting does not blind at all. (Drove himself to the meeting and looked-not blind!!) but ........ Anyway, i'm xs. The first photo is a comparison with diodes 6000 k far and 6000 k running light. The second halogen is far and ordinary light bulb in running lights. Color temperature between halogen and diodes with a color temperature of 6000 k. That is, 5000 k. Or how?

It came in 17 days, the description corresponds, the power is not bad but it could be brighter. I took for a motorcycle, got up in a regular place without a change. In the photo before and after.

Great lamps!

came very fast, packed well. great light both hi and low beam. will order for my other vehicles too. recommended

The box came crumpled, it's good that the bulbs are intact. Shine is not bad.

Until it is clear how shine, i will connect and look, there are no convector simple two bare wires and everything.

Ordered for renault duster 2018 for the far. Shine chic, clean white, all as i wanted.

The goods came very quickly (a week in the krasnoyarsk territory). Shine very bright. Quality, in appearance, is also good.

Took h11 4300 k for the king 2014. The color matches the running lights. The block is heated decently. By light, if you compare native osram bulbs, an increase of about + 15,20%. The color is pleasant white with yellow eyes do not get tired. How long will it last. If you want super white color take 5000 k, 6500k is already blue, 4300k as a halogen philips crystal vision, does not attract attention of dps

Good product. AOK


All is OK, thank you sellers

The goods are delivered in integrity and safety for 2 weeks to the perm region. Put on duster for 10-15 minutes. In the light of the day it seems imperceptible that it is not incandescent lamps, although the acquaintance noticed. The color temperature of 4300 k is considered optimal, everything that is colder will attract the attention of the traffic police. Later i attach night photos

I have the Lamp not!!!! And The Lamp Still pay!!!!! :-(Lamps do not go in Germany by customs!!!! Are in Germany not permissible CE Sign missing on the Lamp. Money is from Seller not refunded!

Excellent lamps!!

Structure and material lamp is good, transmits quality. But warn that the quantity of lumens informed ad is not real. Compared the LED Uttril with another, whose luminance is 3.300 and the result is clear: the LED Uttril has 6.000 lumens, she has something close to 3.000 lumens. In comparison, a Uttril with temperature of 5.000K and another 6.000 K. Hugs to friends Brazil!

Perfect, good light.

The colour is not the 5000k they show, and next to others, we can se it is 4500k

I use such lamps not for the first time. Good

The light is bright. I recommend

I arrive in chile in optimal condition